52744626_10161277511040237_8277137432411897856_nLYN FERRAND was the founder and director of registered charity Turning Point Theatre and Buzzword Interactive Films. Lyn trained at Dartington College of Arts and studied law at The Open University. Her work blazed a trail for other companies working today, using theatre to inform and raise awareness in the field of health and social care. Over fifteen years, Turning Point Theatre explored many themes, touring plays about mental health, carers, bereavement, domestic violence, and child protection. The work was an innovative and new concept at the time, engaging audiences using post-performance discussions and interactive forum theatre. Commissions came from UK organisations and as far away as Canada. 

She began making short film dramas in 2001, at the request of clients. She won awards for her work, including the National Training Award for her film The Lost Child. The film looked at the impact parental mental illness can have on a child. It is currently being used as a training resource across the UK and in Australia and can be accessed here:

See Lyn’s last film on Youtube:   Working with a talented young filmmaker Jack Oliver, Lyn wrote and directed this short film for professional singer Alex Poulton in 2016. 




Lyn is married and has four adult children. She now writes novels, runs training workshops, makes the occasional film and is a carer for her husband. She recently took up a voluntary role as a Carers Ambassador.



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Character led story of love, loss & laughs 12 December 2018
A great read! Belly laughs, beautifully crafted characters – the good/bad/happy/sad – unexpected plot twists and a happy ending, for some at least.
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Very enjoyable read. 12 September 2018
It took me a short while to get involved with the story, but once there I found myself wondering about various characters and endevoured to find time to read a little more of their stories at every opportunity. Very sad in parts and with humour tinged with pathos. Each character and voice very different. I want to know more about them please. This would also make a great audio book.
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Wow, what a gripping book! 10 September 2018

If this is the quality of Lyn’s sequel I really can’t wait to read the next part to this story.
Lyn has the enviable skill to make the reader feel completely involved in each of the characters lives and in doing so gives the reader the possibility of a new perspective on their own life. Her writing style is individual and hugely engaging.
What an immensely talented author! Everybody should experience reading this book.
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A delight to read! 7 September 2018
Would you want to personally befriend or even know most of the characters in ‘Jonty’s Win’ if they really existed? Possibly not! But reading about them is another matter altogether. Lyn Ferrand has assembled a compelling cast of misfits, could-have-beens and never-weres, replete with all manner of very human weaknesses and foibles, to create an utterly compelling page-turner. It’s not often I read a book from start to finish…Read More
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THE MAN WHO THOUGHT HE WAS HAPPY17190949_1265474693500898_8349464218403510824_n
Great read thoughtful and gripping tale 14 December 2015
What a great page turner. Was lucky to read this on a long flight without any distractions. A totally self obsessed man living in a bubble of his own importance, unaware of what is going on in the lives of people he loves. The book takes you on a journey through his awakening into the world. Keeps you hanging and guessing all the way through, jump in and read it hope there is a lot more to come from this author.
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29 September 2015
Really enjoyed this book! The descriptions of places and people were wonderful, and the story line keeps you on your toes till the very end. Interesting to bring Italy into the story and mix it in.
Looking forward to her next book now.
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The writing is pacy and at times poetic but never boring. An engrossing read 10 August 2015
Couldn’t put it down. Got straight into it, right from the start. The struggle the main character has to make sense of his life, rang a few bells for me, as a mere man! The writing is pacy and at times poetic but never boring. An engrossing read, full of surprises.
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362c528e-b27e-4747-871e-e8dfbe380559RURAL CUT
Really enjoyed reading about the situation the characters were in. 7 October 2014
Really enjoyed this Book. Interesting ending.
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5 July 2014
Although Lyn Ferrand’s latest book Rural Cut like her first book is set in the West Country the subject matter couldn’t be more different. We find ourselves drawn into the lives of a couple of elderly people who made the understandable but rather foolish decision to sell up and leave behind familiar surroundings and friends in the hope of finding the ideal setting (in a gated community) for their retirement. What they didn’t…Read More
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16 September 2012
A fast paced novel that’s easy to read and difficult to put down. The characters are so wonderfully interesting and intriguing that whether or not you actually like their personalities, you can’t help loving them anyway! Great writing makes the chops and changes in location, character and sometimes time very easy to follow and enjoyable to read. Would recommend this book to anyone – particularly if you are from or have ever…Read More
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Great book by first time author 22 August 2012
Really enjoyed this book. Interesting characters – love them or hate them, most of them utterly selfish. Great insight into the life of actors and the theatre. I thoroughly recommend this book.
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Interesting and entertaining story 21 August 2012
Pretending was an interesting and entertaining story about a group of actors who travel around with a director who has her own issues to face, like racism. I found it interesting as had not much idea of how these travelling groups work and the conditions they have to put up with. The story had lots of small interesting twists, though I did sometimes get lost with the numbers of extra characters which sometimes appeared for a…Read More
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