Working in association with Carers UK and a variety of other statutory and voluntary organisations, Turning Point Theatre toured the play CARERS nationally and internationally.


Carers told the story of four families, each struggling to come to terms with and understand the role of a carer. Using specially written music and songs and humour, Carers connected in a unique way with audiences, giving them emotional permission to discuss their fears and worries in discussions after the performance. The host organisations were asked to bring together a panel of people who could respond to the questions put to them.


These discussions were lively and showed how effective this way of using theatre could be, leading to proactive outcomes and a sense that those who knew and those who needed to know where coming together in a positive way.


Lyn studied with director and humanist Augusto Boal, creator of forum theatre.  She wrote forum theatre plays and worked as a forum theatre practitioner for a number of clients in the field of health and social care.