UPDATE: Lyn is currently taking time out to care for her partner who has been seriously ill.

Lyn Ferrand is the founder of Turning Point Theatre Company, Buzzword Films and most recently, Turnaround Films.


She has written and directed film and theatre since 1990, working in association with a wide variety of voluntary and statutory agencies. In 2000 she launched Buzzword Interactive Films with Greg Browning. Buzzword and Turning Point Theatre won several awards for training films and theatre productions, including The National Training Awards.

Her film and theatre projects have been commissioned by many different clients in the voluntary and statutory sectors and used to highlight specific health and social issues, as well as for training health care professionals.

tlc_front_pageAwards: National Training Awards for the film THE LOST CHILD, The Skills For Care Accolades, Pavilion Innovations in Training and Prudential Carers Award. My work has been short listed for The Charity Awards and received four stars in Community Care Magazine.

THE LOST CHILD can now be streamed on VHX: http://turnaroundfilms.vhx.tv/

Lyn was the Diversity Manager for DREC, creating diversity training for The Crown Prosecution Service and the Devon and Cornwall Police, including writing and producing the film NICE PEOPLE which looked at issues around rural racism.email_np_ad

In 2017 she launched Turnaround Films to reissue some of her award winning films and to produce new film projects. Lyn is currently taking some time out to look after her partner who has been seriously ill.

Since 2015, Lyn has written three novels, published by Feedaread – http://www.feedareed.com Her books can also be found on Amazon.com and other online book outlets.

What’s Happening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMHTQEmIvQg    Lyn recently directed a short film for professional singer Alex Poulton. Contact her at: lynferrand@aol.com or turnaroundfilmworks@mail.com

Lyn is a member of The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain.