The Tameness of a Wolf

Commissioned by Lancashire County Council, Lyn wrote and directed the play THE TAMENESS OF A WOLF. It looked at how Schizophrenia can impact on a family. It was performed many different venues, from small rooms in community centres to a large 500 seat theatre in Scotland, at the request of the Scottish Association for Mental Health.


Jane Bellamy and Mike Berenger as Helen and Danny in The Tameness of a Wolf by Lyn Ferrand

The Tameness Of A Wolf by Lyn Ferrand – An uncompromising journey into the world of severe mental illness.  Toured the UK three times. It was also presented at conferences in England and Scotland.

What the Press said: “The National Schizophrenia Fellowship, (now Rethink UK) Europe’s largest charity working with severe mental illness, is supporting Turning Point Theatre’s outstanding The Tameness of a Wolf, the moving portrayal of love in a world of severe mental illness.   

The play, which is touring across the north of England, stands in marked contrast to recent Hollywood comic depictions of schizophrenia such as Me, Myself and Irene. 

Helen and Danny are young and ambitious. They have everything any young couple could want. Helen knows that Danny is becoming “difficult” but is reluctant to accept that he is developing an illness, even less willing to accept that it could be schizophrenia.

The play follows Danny’s descent into a world of voices and visions and Helen’s developing role as carer as she shares her anger and frustrations with the audience. Helen has no knowledge of mental illness, creating fears that are only gradually transformed into acceptance and understanding.”

NSF Director of Public Affairs Paul Farmer said:

This play proves that it is possible to produce drama of the highest quality from the experience of mental illness that both moves and informs the audience.

With World Mental Health Day on October 10, this play offers the public the chance to gain a real understanding of the myths and misunderstanding surrounding mental illness and the possibility of recovering a meaningful life, when everyone pulls in the same direction.”

In 2003 the play tour the following venues:

  • 2 – Leeds, John Sowerby Theatre – 2pm
  • 3 – Leeds, John Sowerby Theatre – 2pm
  • 4 – Nottingham, Sandfield Theatre – 2pm
  • 5 – Nottingham, New College – TBA
  • 7 – Exeter, Phoenix Theatre – 7pm
  • 10 – Darlington Arts Centre – 7pm
  • 11 – Middlesborough – 7pm
  • 12 – Stockton on Tees – 7pm
  • 13 – York, Friargate Theatre – 7pm
  • 17 – Lincoln, Bishop Grossteste College – 7pm
  • 18 – Lincoln, Bishop Grossteste College – 2pm
  • 19 – Sheffield, Merlin Theatre – 7pm
  • 20 – Halifax, Square Chapel Arts Centre – 2.30pm
  • 24 – House of Commons – TBA
  • 25 – Chorley, CADOS Theatre – 2pm
  • 26 – Liverpool, Masque Theatre – 7pm
  • 27 – Liverpool, Masque Theatre – 7pm

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