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 Diversity Training

 Aggravated Trespass by Lyn Ferrand.

Commissioned by The Devon Racial Equality Council in conjuction with the Crown Prosecution Service, the play was first performed as part of a conference for Judges and Magistrates in Torquay, Devon.

What they said…

“Training on Diversity Issues and in particular those relating to race and ethnic minorities has been high on the Magistrates’ Courts Committee’s agenda for some time. This was a professional production in every way. The play required the audience to think carefully about how ethnic people are received in the prosperous shires and how liberal facades can all too easily mask deeply irrational prejudices.” Training News Issue 2.

Delivering the Training
The process
How do you give your workforce the practical, safe skills needed to challenge inequality in the workplace? In a rapidly changing work environment, staff must be aware of the cultural differences of others and be prepared to challenge inappropriate language and behaviour. We have a Diversity Training Programme that will help you achieve these aims.

All through human evolution, stories have been at the core of learning. We relate to stories. They can arouse empathy and curiosity. Dry facts limit experience and can never be a rehearsal for reality. Our Diversity Training programmes uses film to tell the story of diversity that will engage and deliver. The programme is designed to –

  • Investigate what is meant by discrimination and explore our own prejudices
  • Look at values and how they influence our prejudices
  • Look at how we can embrace and understand ‘diversity’ and define difference
  • Challenge assumptions and stereotyping
  • Explore the definition as stated under Equalities Legislation

As part of the programme we will –

  • Define unequal treatment using both film and theatre
  • Look at the individual’s responsibilities in action
  • Explore clear strategies for identifying and challenging inappropriate behaviour.
  • Rehearse practical ways of challenging such behaviour with reference to Equalities Legislation

Each training day will conclude with a plenary session and an action plan to consolidate learning. Get in touch with us to discuss your diversity training needs. We can provide a package so that your training programme will have a shelf-life.
Nice People – Training DVD