Nice People


NICE PEOPLE began life as a play, commissioned by Devon County Council. They play was adapted by Lyn into a 28 minute drama film. Shot in Devon by Greg Browning, the film was used by a variety of statutory and voluntary organisations, including the Devon and Exeter Police.

The DVD film drama Nice People was designed to be used in training sessions as a means of encouraging debate around issues of racial and cultural diversity in rural communities. The DVD menus and accompanying training pack enabled trainers and students to switch between scenes and discuss what interventions might be appropriate, how to handle certain situations, and what protocols could be used to support professionals.

“With a liberal sprinkling of humour, sharp characters and lively acting Nice People pushes against the comfort zone and urges you to reflect on your own prejudice and assumptions. Managing to avoid the goody/baddy trap, it is easy to see how any one of us who considers ourselves decent honest, caring and intelligent could so easily end up discriminating in our language or our actions. Whilst Nice People confronts issues it also suggests hope and does not judge what are often just and natural feelings.” 

Nice People was written and directed by Lyn Ferrand, produced by Mike Berenger and filmed by Greg Browning.  It was originally commissioned by Devon County Council with support from Learning & Skills Council Devon and Cornwall.

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