Filming Nice People

Picking myself up after a long stint away from making films – almost four years concentrating on writing novels and a lot of time dealing with illness in my family, I woke up one day and thought, it’s time to jump.

My first adventures in film started when I moved from theatre (Turning Point Theatre Company) and formed Buzzword Films with Greg Browning. After making three short (28 mins) commissioned films, we won a raft of awards, including The National Training Award. I’d caught the bug, but then, fate threw me a curved ball and I withdrew to deal with family issues, while keeping the creative juices flowing by writing novels.

Imagine my excitement, when late last year, I felt that familiar ‘get off your arse and go for it’ moment again. Turnaround Films had been in gestation for six months and was about to be born. It was time to jump!

Small is beautiful to me, and I’m starting small. First project completed, I am looking for commissions from people who believe that short, concise film dramas really do work as a way to raise awareness, engaging audiences in subjects that are often difficult and sensitive to explore.

Yes, we can watch TV and see great films about all sorts of issues, but my way of working is different. My films have a shelf-life. THE LOST CHILD is still being used by Health and Social Care professionals to train staff working in the field of child protection across the UK and in Australia.  Each film is in chapters and can be halted, working with an insert menu, so trainers can use each scene to explore the subject matter in depth and encourage discussion and a question/answer time.

I’m not calling my films ‘training films’ because they are always drama, based on real research material given to me by the client. This gives the work a ‘ring of truth’ that enables audiences/students to really relate to the characters and make the story resonate for them, showing situations they have experienced and can imagine in their day to day working lives. They can be integrated into training days or used at conferences, where the DVD’s can be available to buy.

If this sounds the sort of innovative training you are looking for, then do get in touch with me at lyn.ferrand@zen.co.uk

My way of making film doesn’t cost a fortune, but it does work.